pbcm is an R package that implements both data-informed and data-uninformed versions of the Parametric Bootstrap Cross-fitting Method (PBCM; Wagenmakers et al. 2004), a general-purpose technique for binary model selection. Some auxiliary routines, such as decision through k nearest neighbours classification (Schultheis & Singhaniya 2015), are also implemented.


You can install the current version of pbcm using devtools:



For basic usage notes, consult the vignette An introduction to pbcm or the function reference (each function provided by the package is supplied with examples).

But what is this PBCM?

See Wagenmakers et al. (2004).

I’ve found a bug

Please file an issue.


Schultheis, H. & Singhaniya, A. (2015) Decision criteria for model comparison using the parametric bootstrap cross-fitting method. Cognitive Systems Research, 33, 100–121.

Wagenmakers, E.-J., Ratcliff, R., Gomez, P. & Iverson, G. J. (2004) Assessing model mimicry using the parametric bootstrap. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 48(1), 28–50.